About Me

Sul Sul everyone!
My name is Monique, but refer to me as NiqueSimmer. I'm 24 and currently a high school ELA teacher in New York City.
For those of y'all who follow astrology, I'm Aquarius Rising, Sagittarius Moon and Gemini Rising. When I'm not engaging with y'all on social media or teaching the future generation, I'm working out, hanging out with my friends, watching Twitch streams and rewatching TV Shows. 
The idea of Sul Sul Cosmetics came to me after I noticed that the Sims community was upset by the infamous MAC Collab ( thinking about it made my game glitch LOL). It was clear that no one told the time to have a understanding of the game and the amount of creativity that Simmers have in the game. That's what fueled my idea for this business and my love for the Game at the same time.
Thank you for supporting my business as we have MANY THINGS in store for all you Townies!